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Trauma Relief Therapy has many paths to relief from the pain of intrusive memories.   Clients benefit differently from different modes of therapy, and you will probably know right away which method is for you.  Some clients need to talk about what happened to them in the past in order to get validation, to know that they are not crazy or didn't hallucinate it, and to have someone hear their story, to break the silence.  Some clients need to NOT talk about what happened to them in the past, and simply address the maladaptive patterns (the patterns they have that aren't working in real life) that they have today.  You will find relief  by talking about what you believe is most comfortable for you, and by talking through what you believe about the world, by identifying what decisions you have made about the world, and whether these beliefs and decisions are true and real and helpful, or if they aren't.

What our clients say ...

I really have a hard time remembering my childhood, and most of it is at best fuzzy.  I know some bad stuff happened, and I think I know what, but I'm not absolutely sure.  It helped me to talk about what I remembered clearly, what I remembered that was fuzzy, and what others told me probably happened.  Now I simply talk about what I'm doing today that's holding me back.  I've been clean and sober for  a long time now, I've been out of the depression for about the same amount of time and actually happy for the last few years, and now I'm just improving myself by getting rid of other traps, like porn, overeating, and laziness.  My life is WAY better thanks to Bob, and My Higher Power who I call God.  I'm not perfect yet, but I'm WAY happier and WAY healthier than I have ever been in my life.  Mainly because I've let go of beleifs and decisions that weren't true and didn't work in real life.

---- Greg F.

I met Bob at AA and found out he was an excellent counselor.  It wasn't until I came to Bob for individual therapy that I figured out I had never told ANYONE about what had happened to me in my childhood.  Every single person in my family hurt me.  My dad and brothers were sick, and mom did nothing to protect me.  She never once believed me.   I had to tell   just   one   person   who would believe me, to relieve that pressure, and that weight, that I carried for 30 years.  It was so easy talking to Bob about it, I don't know why, but it was.  Much of my craziness went away instantly.  I didn't return to drugs or alcohol, and I learned from Bob how to counsel myself using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  I come in for a check-up now and then -- when others try to make me feel crazy -- just to confirm and validate that I'm going the right way.  Kind of a re-calibration.  I probably would have been dead by now if I didn't get this therapy, or at least I would have been really, really sad and in excruciating pain.  Now ... no pain, I'm acting like a "fairly normal" human being, I'm not doing stupid things that mess up my life.  And, I have been with the same decent guy for 6 years.  I'm learning what love really is.  That may be the biggest miracle of all!  Life is so much better, and SO worth living! "

---- Justine B..

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