Cash Discount Rate    
 Service  ("Usual & Customary Rate" is typically 50% more than "Cash Discount Rate".)                   
 CD Evaluation, Nebraska Standardized Format 
 CD Evaluation Update, for previous clients
 Group (one 90-minute Group, which is technically two 45-minute groups back to back)
 Individual 1-on-1 Psychotherapy, 25-30 minutes
 Individual 1-on-1 Psychotherapy, 50-60 minutes
 Individual 1-on-1 Psychotherapy, 75-90 minutes
 Family 3+ on 1 Psychotherapy, 50-60 minutes
 DUI-OWI Drug/Alcohol Education Class, 4 hours (additional documentation may be extra)
 DUI-OWI Drug/Alcohol Education Class, 8 hours (additional documentation may be extra)
 DUI-OWI Drug/Alcohol Education Class, 10 hours to 20 hours, $10/classroom hour
 ASAM Level 1-C, Relapse Prevention II Program, 6 Groups over 6 weeks
 ASAM Level 1-B, Relapse Prevention I Program, 3 Groups + 3 Individual sessions over 6 weeks
 ASAM Level 1-A, Outpatient Program, 12 Groups + 6 Individual sessions over 6 weeks
 ASAM Level 2, Intensive Outpatient Program, 36 Groups + 3 Individual session over 6 weeks
 Career or Relationship Success Coaching, 50-60 minutes

"Usual and Customary Rate" is the amount therapists and doctors (Providers) bill the insurance company for a particular service.  Each Insurance company has an "Allowed Amount" which is what the insurance company and Provider agree is an appropriate discounted rate for each service.  Our "Cash Discount Rate" is within 5% of most insurance company's "Allowed Amount".


Here's a general ballpark figure for how much you will spend on treatment for addiction:  Whatever you spent in the last 6 months on alcohol and drugs is about what you'll spend on treatment in the next 6 months.  In the long term, treatment is WAY cheaper. 

Over 95% of people who seek treatment with us have been able to work out a plan for paying for treatment.  The other 5%, we have helped to find more affordable treatment.

We happily accept cash, check, and credit cards, as well as Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance.

No other insurance is as good as Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  If you are covered by any other insurance, you may need to pay our Cash Discount Rate with cash, check, or credit card, and we will do our best to help you to attempt reimbursement from your insurance company.  We want to help you if you have Medicare, Medicaid or another insurance, so call us for the free 30 minutes session and we will make a recommendation for you.  We can help you find an agency that accepts your insurance up front if that’s what you need.

Because of the high demand for and the great value of our services, we can no longer accept Medicaid or Medicare.  There’s just not enough hours in the day and we’re only human.  If you are on Medicaid or Medicare, call us and we will help you find a counselor who is right for you.


We are pleased and excited to offer 6 months same as cash financing for all our therapy and coaching programs.  First, you and I sit down and tailor one of our programs to your specific needs.  Typical charges are listed below.  Then, click “Buy Now”, then fill out the info and click “Continue”, then enter our agreed upon amount, select the "PayPal 6 Months Same As Cash" option.  When you’re approved, you’re paid in full to me, and the services you are buying never expire and are transferrable if needed.

We also accept payment from anonymous third parties.  If you would like a loved one or anyone you know to get therapy, you contact us, we will contact them and offer our services at no charge to them.  When they use our services, we bill you and we will never reveal to them who you are.  

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