Here are our favorite links to people and organizations we like...

The NLP Research and Recognition Project is an independent, non-profit organization that assists our returning veterans who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress. Our primary focus now is to get our new, more effective  techniques recognized by communities across the country.​  Dr. Richard Gray and Dr. Frank Bourke are colleagues of ours and have our utmost respect and admiration for their character and the work they do.  Here is a 4 minute introductory video about NLP and PTSD.

K-LOVE is our favorite radio station, and you can listen on-line.  Always positive and encouraging Christian music.

Joel Osteen is our favorite American Christian minister.  His messages are positive and encouraging.  We highly recommend his books and sermons if you are looking for hope and a deeper spiritual walk with God.

Cross Training Center is a non-profit Christian organization whose goal it is to provide life skills, vocational training and job experience for disadvantaged and undereducated men and women.  Want to build your self-esteem?  Cross Training needs volunteers to help at the fireworks stand fund raiser!  Click the link above and click on the "Click Here To Volunteer" in the middle of the page.

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