Depression and Anxiety Relief Therapy has many forms.  It will help you find relief, calm, energy and happiness.  Depression and anxiety can come from many different causes.  Sometimes there is a trauma from the past that we heal.  Sometimes there are drugs or alcohol that we remove so we can feel and heal.  Sometimes there is a loss from our childhood -- loss or absence of a parent, a betrayal, a loss of innocence, or growing up too fast -- that created a hurt child in us, that the adult in us can comfort, guide, nurture, and love.  Sometimes we have some unbalanced neurotransmitters that we change with meds, diet, exercise, water, or meditation.  Talk therapy and paying attention to what we focus on can change our physical chemistry.

What our clients say ...

" I'm happy.  I'm actually happy!  I truly never thought life could be this way, but it is. " 

---- Mara C.

" I'm still anxious at times, but I am WAY better off now after having Bob work with me.  My anxiety is FAR less intense, less frequent, and doesn't last long when it comes.  TOTALLY worth it!  I wish I'd have done it earlier! " 

---- Kellie K.

" I spent about 15 years of my life being suicidal to one degree or another.  Getting help is the best thing I ever did in my life.  It's amazing how much better I feel, and it's amazing how fast it came.  Bob's approach worked!  It's not just about talking, well, sure part of it is.  But it's also about figuring out what little things help:  breathing fresh air, getting outside in the sunshine, learning to sleep again, a little bit of exercise, and some decent food (or at least for me avoiding fast food). It's about knowing I'm human and I am imperfect and I need help sometimes. It's about resting when I need to.  It's about what I focus on throughout the day and what I expose myself to every day.  My # 1 lesson:  stop watching the news, especially the news that doesn't effect me and that I can't do anything about. I am active in my community, I have a few good friends now, and that's all the news I need.  " 

---- Doug R.

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