Career Success Coaching  will help you find yourpurpose in life.  Most people start out life by going to school, getting a job, start with a job, and as we mature and develop, we find our profession and our livelihood.  It takes some introspection to discover what it is inside of us that we truly love doing -- that vocation that brings us the most joy in life and brings the greatest service to the greatest number of people.  It takes some knowledge of the world and what's out there that's available to you to find that perfect career fit.  If you are weary and your job is heavy, give us a call.  It will be a relief.  We truly believe that there is for everyone a job that fits perfectly, that uses your strengths and that you can learn more about over time to strengthen your skills, that is easy and light, and that brings you an enlivening rest for your soul.

​What outs clients say ...

" My boss was corrupt and I just could not work there any more. Bob helped me figure out what was important, and gave me the courage to look around. I found the perfect job just blocks from where I worked before, but with a better organization. I am SO much happier, and I feel like I'm fulfilling my purpose in life. "

---- Rachel M.

" A few sessions with Bob was all it took. I think he might be just a lucky charm, like he just gathers good luck and covers people with it when they walk in. I got offered a job as the head of a department with literally thousands of people working for me.  It just happened at the right time, but I needed to learn what I needed to learn from Bob to look for it and to be ready.  Listening to my heart was the key for me, but I really didn't believe that until we did some easy exercises that showed me how to follow my heart without giving up my mind."

---- Jack S.

" I was incredibly stressed when I got forced out of my job I had for 30 years.  I was bitter and angry just wanted to pout.  In our fourth session, Bob got me to admit a dream I had for about 20 years … I wanted to write a book.  Guess what I'm doing now?  I LOVE writing.  It's what I was MADE to DO. "

---- Carrie V.

" I was fairly happy with my job when I heard Bob speak at a meeting I went to.  He said, "If you don't know what your purpose in life is, then your purpose in life is to find your purpose in life."  Mind blown.  I started exploring.  Every year my career gets better and better, because I keep improving the plan and making it happen.  Thanks Bob! "

​---- Andy D.

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In this video from 2009, I mention the Masters of Science in Clinical Counseling which I did complete in 2011.  

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