You don't have to be afraid.  You can be healed.  We were.  All the counselors here at The Clearview Center have been through what you're going through, not exactly of course, but here you will find empathy and understanding that you wont find anywhere else.  I'm a recovering alcoholic-addict and depression sufferer, clean and sober and happy for over 20 years.  Brian has a son who is recovering well from a serious birth defect, and he is very active in The March of Dimes.  Sheri has suffered from depression and codependence, but now has been happy and free for over 7 years.  Beyond our own life experience, all of our counselors have earned masters degrees in our areas of expertise and are professionally licensed to help you.  Life experience, advanced education, continuous research and development of new skills put us on the leading edge in therapy and coaching in the Midwest.  We’re so good at what we do, we’re more than professional:  we make it comfortable and easy.

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Our first 30 minute conversation is FREE, and if you like the Clearview Center on Facebook, you get 60 minutes FREE.  We’ll work together to figure out where you are, what's going on, what you need, what the deepest most meaningful parts of you truly want, and where you want to go.  You can feel comfortable calling me today, and yes, I do answer my own phone.

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What's different about our counseling methods?
We have found that effective counseling can be comfortable and easy.  Our clients end the day feeling better than when they started. Confrontation doesn't work well for most people.  The key is for me to help you find your deepest motivation, your deepest desires for how you want your life to be.  Good counseling is more about clearing away the distractions than about forcing yourself to be more disciplined.  We don't wear white coats.  We don't talk like any other counselor you've ever met.  We talk to you like another human being, like a good friend.

Our Menu
Take a look at our Menu of Therapy to get a feel for what we're talking about.  Note:  humor is healthy!

Hi, I’m Bob Neve the Executive Director and President of The Clearview Center, Inc.  Right now, you are searching for answers.  You're either scared or scarred, afraid or hurting, worried about a future loss or you're already suffering from a past loss.  Life isn't meeting your expectations.  Your life isn't easy or comfortable.  You want answers.  We have them.

That's why I answer my own phone, as do all of our counselors.  We have solutions to your problems.  We make it comfortable and easy.  Over 95% of our clients say they have found significant improvement in their life through counseling with us.  If I'm not the right fit for you, I will help you find the expert you need that works for you.  Right now, you need someone to talk to.  Someone approachable, welcoming, and human, not someone rigid or clinical or uninformed.  Someone easy to talk to.  Someone with some answers.  That's me, and my counselors here at The Clearview Center, where counseling is comfortable and easy.

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