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Right now, you're searching for answers. You're either scared or scarred, afraid or hurting, worried about a future loss or you're already suffering from a past loss.  Life isn't meeting your expectations.  Your life isn't easy or comfortable.  You want answers.  We have them.  We can help.
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Depression can come from several different causes. Whether it’s a physical problem, a chemical imbalance, a mental structure that’s not functioning well, an emotional condition that is out of balance, or a spiritual issue, depression is treatable. We can help you change helplessness and hopelessness into courage strength and hope. We can figure out what’s stopping you from moving on in life, think about it differently, and find the energy to do something about it. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) changes the inner person for good.
Hear Bob's Story in the podcast Megan's Old Office, Season 2, Episode 2,
If your job is draining your energy, you’re in the wrong one.  The worries and short term responsibilities of life often force us to forget our childhood dreams, our teenage passions, our youthful vision.  The right career makes life easier and energizes you everyday. Find out how to rediscover your dreams, prioritize your values, discover your strengths, find your motivations, stick to your plan, find your purpose in life, and gracefully transition from where you are today to where you are meant to be.  Your destiny is waiting for you.

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Often things happen to us that are not our fault, that hurt us and effect our lives for a long time. We may not be responsible for what happens to us, but we are responsible for our own response to such trauma, and ultimately we are responsible for treating ourselves to bring us back to health. You can expect that therapy for trauma will make the unpleasant memories of the past a vague picture, a distant sound, a subdued feeling sooner than you think when you start today.

Hear Bob's Story in the podcast Megan's Old Office, Season 2, Episode 2, from Dundee Presbyterian Church.

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Everyone is ready for a relationship of some kind. A schizophrenic is ready for a relationship with a good psychiatrist. An emotionally fragile person is ready for a relationship with a caring therapist or a parent who can nurture and strengthen them. An emotionally mature person is ready for a mutually respectful, mutually beneficial, mutually exhilarating relationship. Learn the secrets of getting into a good relationship, how to make the most of your current relationship, and how to transition out of a bad one (minimizing the pain, suffering and loneliness) and come out of it a better person. Everyone can find LOVE -- click this link to go to The 5 Languages Of Love site!
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Facing an addiction can be terrifying. We often think that if we tell anyone, or if our hiding and lying doesn't work, our world will crumble and our life will be over. It doesn't have to be that way. Recovery is where life starts. 

One size does NOT fit all in substance abuse counseling. That’s why we take a personal approach to your addiction treatment. When approached the right way, it can be relatively comfortable and easy.

We also know from experience that not every substance abuse counselor is an expert in counseling, in fact many are simply incompetent.  You may have had horrible experiences with counselors before.  We guarantee, after 15 minutes talking to our counselors, you will KNOW that we are different.

Stop fighting the enemy you can’t beat by not getting in the ring, and by staying away from the slippery slope. NLP Cognitive Implosion of Addiction (also known as the Compulsion Blow-Out) stops the cravings. Transactional Analysis (TA) stops the hiding, the lies, and the manipulation, because the truth will set you free. Set yourself free today.